CW and Mr. Spoons!

Opening the Nevada Legislature with “Home Means Nevada,” 2/4/13. Photo: Sam Morris, Las Vegas Sun.

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  • In the first video the boys try to talk about what they do.
  • The first song video, FIVE FOOT TWO, typifies a number of early jazz tunes that the boys perform, capturing the plunk and pizazz of old time hot music.
  • WITH A GAL NAMED JANE -sort of a fantasy about how girls ought to be. Written after googling “girls and guns.” Surprisingly popular.
  • RAGTIME IN NEVADA is a “classic” rag–several parts, goes on forever.

  • COWTOWN BALL reminds CW of the 25 years he spent playing fiddle for dances. Somehow folks in the West aren’t real subtle about their dancing and don’t take instruction well–making for great fun.
  • UNCLE JACK’S RAG is a classic rag for our washboard hero, Uncle Jack.
  • GONNA KEEP ME WARM SOME RAINY DAY is a western song in ragtime style.
  • CAMPIN IN NEVADA won an award once, several years ago, from Sierra Arts–much appreciated. The boys played the Old Wabuska Depot, at the RR museum, and midst all the clanging and rattle came up with this railroad song.
  • THE QUEEN OF THE INTERSTATE is a happy song about getting rolled in Reno. One of several merry songs by CW on this subject.
  • THE NEW OLD TIME RAG was inspired by a host of country rags from the late 1920s, all of which seemed to go something like this in the first part–though they are one part tunes only.
  • This is the boys’ version of THE GUITAR RAG–said to be composed by Amos Johnson, one of the first ragtime guitar players, a Kentucky coal miner probably from Chicago around 1915. These miners are said to have begun what came to be called “fingerpicking” but what was then called, “thumbpicking.”
  • TWILIGHT ON THE SAGEBRUSH reflects CW’s longing for the sound of the coyotes in the desert, hot cars and lost nights.

  • GOT NO LOVIN NOW came out of a guitar riff CW resorted to one day in Virginia City after playing for four hours at one of the better saloons. Now working on a classic rag with this melody as the first part. May take years.
  • MAKE ME A PALLET ON YOUR FLOOR was a bordello single rag performed by Jelly Roll Morton and others around 1905 that then entered oral tradition.
  • Finally, AIN’T GONNA RAIN NO MORE is a ragtime song from 1923 that the Girl Scouts all know. With dozens of verses, it can go on forever and makes a great sing along when kids are present. They are often handed shakers and encouraged to crash along. Needless to say, CW AND MR SPOONS are great among collections of small boys. They bring their shakers with them everywhere the go.